The main library is constructed as a study resource on Political Marxism. It is organised by author with a short resume of their research.  It includes works which were influential for the approach or that we consider close in spirit to Political Marxism. Hence, not all publications listed here are written by scholars who would consider themselves Political Marxists.

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Robert Brenner
Early modern European history; economic, social and religious history; agrarian history; social theory/Marxism; Tudor-Stuart England.

George C. Comninel
Political theory in historical and social context; politics, ideology, and class in the French Revolution; Marxist theory; theories of historical state formation and economic development; revolutions and revolutionary theories.

Spencer Dimmock
The origin of, and transition to, capitalism debates; Medieval and Early Modern British History

Frédérick Guillaume Dufour
Political Sociology; Marxist and Weberian Historical Sociology; the Sociology of International Relations; Theories of Nationalism, Racism and Anti-Semitism; Social Classes and Reproduction; Empire and Hegemony; Political Violence and Genocide.

Heide Gerstenberger
Political theory; social history; Marxism; globalisation; theories of state-formation, bourgeois and modern states; English and French state development; the relationship between markets and power.

Clemens Hoffmann
State formation; secessionist struggles; nationalism; international relations theory; historical sociology; late Ottoman history; Greco-Turkish state formation; Turkish foreign policy; climate change and conflict; hydropolitics.

Geoff Kennedy
History of political thought (in particular, 17th century English political thought); political ideologies; theories of the state.

Samuel Knafo
Global political economy and finance; political economy of financial speculation; varieties of capitalism; monetary policy in Western Europe; Marxism and post-structuralism.

Hannes Lacher
Comparative and international political economy; historical materialism; historical sociology of the international system; global capitalism and territoriality; critical international relations theory.

Thierry Lapointe
Historical sociology of international relations; state formation in 16-17th century France and Holy Roman Empire; critical international relations theories; international law; social construction of racism and empires.

David McNally
Globalization and global justice movements; concepts of freedom and democracy in political thought; radical theories of language and culture; Marxism, feminism and anti-racism; radical political economy.

Larry Patriquin

Capitalism; poverty; the welfare state; social justice; political theory; democracy; social history

Charles Post 
Origins of US Capitalism; working class organisation and consciousness; geographic relocation and productive restructuring of US capitalism since 1970

Benno Teschke
International relations theory; international historical sociology; Marxism and critical theory; philosophy of the social sciences.

Ellen Meiksins Wood
Political theory; social theory of political thought; history and origins of capitalism; political economy; Marxism

Neal Wood
Social and political thought; political economy


Steffan Wyn-Jones
Social and political thought; political economy; Military-Industrial-Complex; US Foreign Policy; Philosophy of Science and Social Science

Michael A. Žmolek
The transition from agrarian to industrial capitalism; history of agrarian capitalism; development


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