The American Road to Capitalism––Now in Paperback

March 25, 2012

Charles Post’s recently published (2011) book, The American Road to Capitalism: Studies in Class-Structure, Economic Development and Political Conflict, 1620–1877, which was also short listed for the 2011 Isaac and Tamara Deutscher Memorial Prize has been released by Haymarket Books in paperback.

About The American Road: “Unable to analyze the dynamics of specific forms of social labour in the antebellum U.S., most historians of the US Civil War have ignored its deep social roots. To search out these roots, Post applies the theoretical insights from the transition debates to the historical literature on the U.S. to produce a new analysis of the origins of American capitalism.”

Charles Post Ph. D. (1983) in Sociology, SUNY-Binghamton, is Professor of Sociology at Borough of Manhattan Community College-CUNY. He has published in New Left ReviewJournal of Peasant StudiesJournal of Agrarian ChangeAgainst the Current andHistorical Materialism.

Read reviews of Post’s book here.


One Response to “The American Road to Capitalism––Now in Paperback”

  1. […] will present his recently published book The American Road to Capitalism (see the earlier post here) to the Research in Progress (RIP) Seminar of the IR Department at the University of Sussex. Sussex […]

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